Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LA Splash Golden Seahorse

I went to ULTA last weekend to browse for a gift for my friend's birthday ( i know a likely story..) and I found their new LA Splash display. They had several unique colors and they were on sale for buy one get one %50 off. I got 4. The first one I tried was Golden Seahorse. It's a light sea-foam green with bright gold glitter. The bottle is small and rectangular in shape. The brush is meh and the consistency was a bit thick but it was relatively easy to apply. I used two thick coats on my toes.

See the bright gold glitter? Love it!

Crappy  brush....

I really like this color, I'm imagining what it would look like with a tan. Come on Spring!!!
Swatches of more of the same collection to come....


  1. Oooo, that is a really neat color!

  2. That is really unique. It reminds me of green beach sand... er.. not that there is green beach sand... uhm *shuts up*

  3. looks great! I am a sucker for green!!!


  4. I love seafoam. And, I'll tolerate glitter on my piggies, so I think I need this for summer pedis! Thanks for reminding me. I totally forgot I don't hate glitter on my toes!!