Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC & Liberty of London's Blue India

I was out shopping with a friend Saturday and I stopped by the MAC counter at Macy's to check out the new collection. The packaging is beautiful and all of the colors look like spring! It was a sunny day here today and it almost feels like winter is over. I can't wait to start wearing some bright colors. Not that I don't love my vampy colors too....

Anyway, this polish does not look like any other color I have, based on swatches I have seen it looks like it might be close to a RBL color but I don't have any of them so I'm not sure. (Lemming for Grunge and Stormy...) On to the pictures:

This is my first MAC polish. I was worried about the application because of all the things I have read on other blogs about MAC polishes being a streaky mess. After the first coat I was worried. I had massive bald spots and  the color was unevenly dispersed. I added the second coat a little thicker than the first and it evened out perfectly. I LOVE THIS COLOR! It looks blue in some light, gray in others. I would call it a dusty teal blue. Tip wear is showing in these pictures and I have only had the polish on for about 24 hours, and I got a small chip last night before I went to bed so that sucked but the uniqueness of the color makes it worth it. I know I will be wearing this one again and again. 


  1. Very nice! I like the art on the bottle.

  2. Olá
    Não gostavas de te inscrever na oriflame para teres descontos nos produtos? Só vendes se quiseres. beijo