Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They DO exist!!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I stumbled upon a nail mecca on yelp. I read the reviews that said this place had OPI polishes for $3.80 and China Glaze for $2.75...not to mention the Orly's at $3.25 and New York Summers at $.75...yeah I was skeptical. I thought they might have a few, but nothing current and I anticipated it being disappointing but I was going to make the 30ish minute drive and check it out. So I get in my car and head over to the south bay. It was raining and I drove right past the shopping center, had to make an illegal u-turn and circle back in to this little Vietnamese shopping center. The store front looked small and I would never have thought to go in there had I not read about the place.
It was small but OEMMGEE it was nail polish HEAVEN! They had every current collection by OPI, Orly and China Glaze! The prices were unbelievable. China Glaze was $2.75 each but if you purchased 10 or more price dropped to $2.50. Yea that's right $2.50!!! I think I got 15(ish). OPI's were indeed $3.80, Orly's $3.00 and New York Summer $.75. The people were so friendly and told me to ake as long as I want, try anything out and they even gave me lists of all the polishes and where I could find them in the store! I was in there for well over an hour. I found some great discontinued colors (OPI Kinky in Helsinki!!!) and some hard to find colors like OPI Firefly and a China Glaze color called Doll House (squeee!)
They told me to come back next month because they were expanding and they would have even more polishes out! Needless to say I will be visiting regularly. On my next trip I will be taking the camera as they said they would love the free publicity. If you are in the Bay Area California or planning on visiting YOU MUST COME HERE.

                                                    Here are the pics from the haul:

This is New York Summer #48 Angel Dream

This is #45 Fushia Glitter

 From the new Orly collection I got Gumdrop, Cotton Candy and Snow Cone

OPI Significant Other Color, Dim Sum Plum (pic color not accurate), Kinky In Helsinki 

OPI Give Me The Moon and Brand New Skates

China Glaze Strawberry Fields, Paper Chasing, Moulin Rouge, Something Sweet, Mango Madness, Restless
China Glaze Wagon Trail, Millennium, Midnight Ride

China Glaze Doll House

.5 fl. oz. Posh top coat with 2 oz. refill bottle $10

I know I am missing pictures of some of the bottles, I will post them individually as I swatch them.

Total Haul: 13 China Glaze, 5 OPI, 3 Orly, Poshe Top Coat salon pack .5 oz and 2oz. refill, Poshe quick dry basecoat, Plastic Bottles with twist caps for dispensing liquids with lables for cuticle oil, acetone and alcohol, 2 New York Summer colors and OPI Skin Quenchers in Mango Juicie. Total Cost $82.00. NO SALES TAX IF PAYING WITH CASH.

What do you all think? Bring my camera in to the shop next visit?


    That is probably because they are lying on their taxes. ;)
    You lucky, lucky, lucky girl! What a haul!

  2. oops... I meant "NO TAX..."

  3. How about bringing me with you to the shop next time?

    I'm so jealous!

  4. Skulda, I never even considered that.. that sux if that's the case. I gotta pay taxes so I think everyone else should too!

    Kada, I'll sneak you in in my ginormous purse! We could make a day of it. There's a little bakery next door that sells cream puffs that are supposed to be excellent.

  5. take pic's of shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hell yeah! take loads of pics please for us poor EU girls who have to endure the crappy nail polish displays we have here ^_^ Actually from you you have described so far, I think I may need to make my keyboard waterproof in some way, in case of some major drooling incident!

  7. OhmyfreakingGOD! I am insanely jealous. If they still have wagon trail. UGH NOT FAIR! Congrats on the epic haul of the month!

  8. OPI Brand new skates is calling my name. LOVE IT
    Great haul!

  9. oh, i'm jealous!
    i can't even find these at all where i live, let alone at such cheap prices.

  10. Hey! Where in the South Bay is it? Not that I wanna creep on your shop, but I'd love to check it out!

  11. :O

    So jealous!! Shouldn't every city have something like this? I think so.

    And I had the same reaction as Scandalous. "Oooooh, Wagon Trail... I really want to wear you..."

  12. I'm headed over there tomorrow night. I can't wait!