Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Icing's "Johnny Awesome" and Konad FAIL

I really like the color selection of Icing nail polishes. I recently was at a mall that had an Icing store and I purchased several bottles (they are perpetually on sale). I loved this color but the formula is crap. I have yet to purchase one without a thick almost goopy consistency that needs to be thinned out after opening the bottle. What is that about? The colors are worth the process of having to thin it out with Seche Vite restore but it's kind of a buzz kill to have to alter a brand new polish because of the consistency. Has anyone else had the same issue?
This is a konad FAIL. I used Color Club Revvolution as the stamp color. I purchased the konad stuff in December, I have tried it I think 3 times and failed EVERY time. I think I am too slow or something because I have issues getting the image clearly onto the stamper and then half the polish is dry so the impression on my nail is like missing part of the design. Do I really need to cave in and just buy the special polishes??

See what I mean? The image is not clear at all.

On a completely unrelated topic,

How beautiful was the full moon last month? I'm still trying to figure out my camera but I am loving it so far.

This was the full Blue Moon on New Year's Eve from my bedroom window here in the Bay Area.


  1. I don't think you need to cave and buy the special polishes. I still have trouble but it is all about timing and cleaning the scraper/stamper/stamp every.single.stamp.

    I really don't bother with it normally- it's a pain! But that color is great, shame about the formula.

  2. I seem to do much better Konading with the special polishes. I have had luck with some China Glaze polishes but you do have to work much faster.
    There is a list at this site of 'other' polishes that people have used with success: