Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sexy Devil and Alice

I LOVE all things Wizard of Oz. I was browsing on evil bay and found these amazing altered art necklaces. They are beautifuly made and so unique, I think I need more. The seller name is sweetheartsinner, check her stuff out!

Ok, for those of you who love Alice or Urban Decay or both YOU NEED THIS!!!!:


I loved it even before I opened it but then I saw.....

A 3-D pop up Alice scene with a mirror!!
And then.....



All of the shadows are amazing. They are extremely pigmented and the glitters do not have a ton of fallout ( I HATE FALLOUT!) There are two 24/7 eyeliners and a primer potion in this set. I ordered it from the UD website and am soooo glad I did. At $52 it is kinda spendy but worth every penny! They are selling out everywhere, I highly recommend that you get it while you can. If you were on the fence before now, GET IT.


  1. God, those are so pretty! If I wasn't awful at makeup and would actually use it, I'd loooooove it

  2. My little heart yearns for the Alice in Wonderland palette. Unfortunately they are sold out at UD. I could buy one on Ebay, but they are almost double the retail price. It's insane!


  3. Cindy, don't buy it on ebay it's evil! LOL.. Does the UD website say if they will get more? How about Sephora?