Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mega Haul and Collection (pic heavy)

Happy Saturday! I have a serious problem. Since November of 2009 I have collected nail polish at an alarming rate. What started out as a small interest has grown into full on addiction, and I love it! Like my girl Catherine says, there are worse things I could be spending my money on........

I received my first orders from Hello-Gorgeous!
 and Head To Toe Beauty

First up is the Head To Toe order...
Color Club Rule Breaker and Love 'em and Leave 'em. The green shimmer in Rule breaker looks amazing!

China Glaze QT and Kaleidoscope Him Out

QT, Kaleidoscope Him Out , TMI, He's Going In Circles
Techno, Heli-Yum, Snowglobe

Fairy Dust and Wireless Holo Top Coat

OPI Goin' Ape-ricot! This color is beyond beautiful the shimmer is a-freakin-mazing I cannot wait to put this on my toes!

Now for the Hello-Gorgeous Order:

Essie Sag Harbor, freebie nail brush and slant tip tweezers.

OPI Designer Series Extravagance and Reflection!
When I saw Scrangie's DS post and pictures I knew I needed these ASAP.

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, Jade Is The New Black , Lucky Lucky Lavender
This picture does not show the brightness of Fortune Cookie, it is a vibrant hot red. Jade is different than I was expecting, but in a good way. It is dustier than it looked online, completely unique, I think I need 4 back-ups. Lucky Lucky Lavender is creamy and very shiny.

Pic of the combined haul...I think I forgot to take a pic of ChG Dreamsicle that is sitting on the edge of the shoe box on the right.
Ok, yesterday after I swore I was not going to buy another nail polish for at least 30 days, I saw Getcha Nails Did pictures of the new Claire's pastels.... I accidentally ended up buying them when I was at the mall returning something for my daughter. Not my fault, I blame all of you who put the pics on your blog. How could I resist?


Last pics, I promise. Here is my growing collection and how I store them. My husband said I am taking over the bedroom......

 and just cuz I love her, here is my baby Suki enjoying her new bone..

Whew...... that was a lot. Thanks for checking it out, have a great rest of the weekend!!


  1. great haul and omfreakG your dog is so CUTE! gah! look at those eyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!